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Financial & Property Claims

You and your spouse may be able to reach agreement as to financial arrangements arising from divorce or separation, including maintenance and how property and other assets may be divided. If this is the case the  agreement may be recorded in a Deed of Separation or an Order approved by the Court and it will generally not be necessary for you to attend Court.

The Courts encourage the use of mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Before issuing applications for financial orders there is a requirement that you obtain information about non-court dispute resolution.

If no agreement can be reached, applications can be made to the Court for periodical payments (i.e. maintenance), lump sum, property adjustment orders and orders in relation to pensions.

The Court procedures require each party to file a Financial Statement (Form E) detailing their property, assets, income and financial needs; there will be hearings before the Court, including a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing where the possibility of resolving matters through negotiation will be investigated. If an agreement cannot be reached, a full Court hearing will take place before a Judge who will decide what represents a fair division of your finances.

When making any decision relating to financial matters, the Court will have regard to all the circumstances of the case and put the welfare of any children first. We will advise you about these Court procedures including the preparation of Financial Statements, documents that must be disclosed and representation in Court if you are required to attend.  We will also advise you as to the various orders that can be made by the Court including regarding the family home, maintenance and pensions.


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